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Games That Didn’t Make the Bracket

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Eric Bischoff wrote a book titled “Controversy Creates Cash”.

Everyone will tell you that “any publicity is good publicity”.

So it’s safe to say that we here at WeGotLeagues did our jobs tremendously. Earlier this week we released our bracket for the top 64 games of all time, and BOY did it cause a stir. With that said, everyone knows that there are always games that aren’t going to the make the field that we feel should. The one person in the world who may like a particular game will think it should be on our list, so of course no one is pleased!. With that said some of use have decided to express our opinions on games we feel should’ve made the list, and here is mine (and remember it’s MY list, not yours, but you won’t).


MVP Baseball 2005: First things first, look who is on the cover!. This was the last MLB game EA ever made after 2K got the elcusive rights to produce MLB games following EA Sports doing the exact same for the NFL. This is highly regarded as the greatest baseball game. The game gave you two types of dynasty mode with owner mode allowing you to build your very own stadium that included adding celebration add ons such as fireworks after homeruns. Plus ESPN ranked as it the 4th best sports game of all time, need I say more?



NBA Live 2005: Man Enough said. 



DJ Hero 2: Don’t ask me how this didn’t make it, but it didn’t. This was a game changer in all sorts. The rollout presentation with Jay Z and Eminem, the epic Soundtrack that came along, and of course the song selection. We never did a third version unfortunately but there’s always hope. Now I have to attempt my favorite song later today.



NCAA Football 2006: It was the last game with reggie bush when he was in full god mode. It was the first with game with Heisman mode. The mode arguably got worse over the years in the sense you could only control your player instead of the whole team as usual. At the end of your career it was either move onto madden or become a coach in dynasty mode, THAT was dope. Ncaa was a game that made me wanna play madden just based off wanting to extend my created players career. Man I miss that game.



Killzone: I was always a sony kid, so this game was my middle finger to xbox and halo players. I once recorded myself and my best friend playing this game for 7 hours with goggles on because our eyes were hurting from staring at the tv screen! F HALO!



NFL Blitz: It’s in every arcade game. My afterschool progam used to have 4 playstations in the gameroom, and all four had NFL Blitz. How is this NOT listed??!?!?!?!



WWE 2K15: First off as a loyal member of WGLWWE community I’m offended my co-workers didn’t even think to have this listed, but I digress. Its the the first next-generation game. Its a game two years in the making. The graphics, the authenticity, the presentation, this game has ALL of that. No game is perfect, but this one was great attempt at perfection that only makes 2k16 even more wanting for me. Throw in the fact that WGLWWE is the best league in WGL (FIGHT ME IF YOU FEEL DIFFERENT), and I think my point has been made very clear.



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