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EA Sports Provides Details and Updates on NHL16

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Or in this case ask about it! EA Sports is partaking in a Q&A Titled Ask NHL about their upcoming NHL16 release. You can go on the website ask away and if you’re lucky receive an answer from a member of the EA NHL team shortly after. Here are some highlights I noticed.

  • No full practice mode in NHL 16 but it is something they are working on bringing back for a future title
  • AHL Teams are back in GM Mode so you can win Lord Stanley and the Calder Cup
  • Be A Pro mode will give you three options to choose from for your path to greatness. You can start on any NHL team but you would still have to earn your way to the roster. You can begin in the CHL and work your way to being the number 1 pick, or you can go straight to the entry draft, play in the Memorial Cup, then head to the draft.
  • No new penalties this year
  • Timeout Sequences are back but you will still have to pause the game.
  • Goalie Swaps have been added and the broadcasting team will pick up on it before the start of the next face-off
  • Sim Intervention is back in GM Mode
  • You cannot hire coaches this year, but it is something EA is working on
  • Fantasy draft in GM mode!
  • No new hockey leagues will be added this year
  • Offline season mode is back
  • After scoring a hat trick fans will shower the home ice with hats (YES! YES! YES!)
  • More pre-game analysis this year. Streaks, playoff implications, home stands, road success, and much more will be covered.

The be a pro information stands out. Unlike other games where there is only one way to the pros this could be the start of a movement that other sports games will take notice of and hopefully add to their own be a pro like game modes. Lots more info to come soon so be sure to come back and check in with us!

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