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#E3withWGL: Bethesda Showcase Gamers POV: @ThatDope

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Aloha gamers!

Amber (@ThatDope) here to cover Bethesda’s E3 showcase. Let’s start with a WOO! Bethesda kicked off E3 with a fucking BANG! Bethesda’s first E3 showcase was spectacular! After nearly fainting from heart failure out of pure joy, I had to re-watch just to absorb all the awesome news they dropped on us! Kicking off the awesome showcase with a kick ass trailer of all the games we were going to be getting a look at, my heart was in my throat! The showcase was hosted by VP Pete Hines and he’s a pretty funny guy but nobody was watching to hear him talk (LOL). Let’s discuss what they gave us!

Bethesda announced Bethesda.net, a new hub for ALL Bethesda content online. One Website. All the games. This is the site that will be used to support DOOM SnapMap (more on that a little bit later), and is currently being used to support Elder Scrolls (some stuff about that later too!).

The First game we got was DOOM (I CALLED IT!)! Finally after years of waiting, we got confirmation of DOOM, the first person shooter that changed it all is coming back. With Marty Stratton of id Software out to chat us up, we found out DOOM is here to rock your world. They gave us a total of well over 10 Minutes of game play and let me just say, the combat looks to be SUPERB. You are on a UAC Research Facility on Mars and you are here to kill demons with the BAD ASS GUNS they give you. The graphics were flawless and I was instantly ready to pre-order! They dropped us on this massive space ship, alarms blaring, lights flashing, blood trails every where and then DEMONS SCREECHING and the fight is on! We got a look at the new DOOM SNAPMAP: User created, instantly shared and playable, custom map and game mode builder. Muliplayer will feature multiple game modes including Domination, Freetag, and Annihilation Arena. Doom looks like it’s going to beyond fucking awesome. They didn’t give us a solid release date, but they did confirm we are to expect DOOM on XBox One, PS4, and PC in Spring of 2016!

Bethesda announced it started a new Studio, Battlecry Studios and they subsequently announced their new game, Battlecry (shocker). Battlecry is an “Online Action Team Based Combat game with intense tactical warfare (Sounds fancy)”. 5 classes of players were shown: Brawler, Enforcer, Infiltrator, Ranger, and Gadgteer. The Alpha was ran in Australia and New Zealand but the global beta is open for sign ups. If you sign up by June 18th on www.battlecrythegame.com, you get priority Beta access and an in-game reward (gotta love those). They didn’t announce which platforms this is on but it appears to be on consoles and PC. It’s game play didn’t pull me in but it’s still early and it could grab me once more is announced. Set to release in the Fall of 2015, this could shape up to be a ton of fun or a huge bore, depending on who you ask.

bethesda_e3_2015_11_thumb DH2

Arkane Studios came up next and (takes a deep breath) DISHONORED 2. You read that correctly, Dishonored 2. And it looks freaking stunning. Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonio gave me something I most definitely did not expect. Cue the most epic trailer. Stunning graphics, haunting narration, and a badass chick in some pretty spiffy digs, running across rooftops. They even highlighted the grotesque fungus that had consumed a dead body with a large bug crawling out of it. Yuck. I won’t give a walk through of the trailer, which is below, but Oh Good Gosh is it amazing. She freezes time, blows up a robot (or two), and turns into smoke. Yes, Badass Chick indeed! Needless to say, I was beyond hype and ready to have a full blown apoplectic fit.


Empire of Isle is in danger (again) by some weirdo with a funky mustache (creep). You can play as two different characters, each with their own unique powers and skills. You have Corvo Attano (He’s Back) or Emily Cauldwin (Badass chick from the trailer). No release date was coughed up but we know it will be on XBox One, PS4, and PC. They also gave us Dishonored: Definitive Edition. The entire original game, all the added content and they even up’d the graphics for the new consoles. Aren’t we a bunch of lucky bastards. Something to do while we wait. We can get our grubby little hands on that this fall. Which isn’t too far away. 


Bethesda wasn’t done with us, not by far. Next we got MORE Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited. Recently release for the first time ever on consoles, they let us know they are going to be giving us even more content. First they gave us the Imperial City, The fallen capital of Tamriel. Soaring spires, Majestic building, siege weapons, and baddies galore. Next up was Orsinium, realm of the Orcs. Monstorus Dark towers, snow capped mountains, beautiful wilderness, and BIG ASS Spiders.Orcs riding bears, glowing mushrooms, and imposing statues. Orsimium looks glorious.

Bethesda followed up these stunning peak-a-boos to discuss it’s new Strategy card game, Elder Scrolls Legend. Now we’ve all played a Strategy card game or two (Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, hell even Magic the Gathering) but this one looks epic and it’s for mobile devices. With this announcement, the are giving us Elder Scroll and Skyrim in an entirely different genre, and that’s kick-ass. It’s going to be free to play (WOOOOO) and on PC and iPad. Slated to be available later this year, you’ll get more when we know more!



NOW, just a few days ago, Bethesda put millions of people out of their endless torture and FINALLY announced FALLOUT 4. They tried to psych us out and “end” the conference before even discussing FALLOUT 4 but we were having NONE of that. Bethesda studios gives of TODD HOWARD to discussing and give us our Fallout demo that we have oh so patiently waited 4 years for. Now my full breakdown of Fallout 4 from E3 in here. But lets get to the run down.

Todd waxed on quite poetically about the art and design of the game, which let me just tell you, if near FLAWLESS. Eveyr button, every panel, everything is meticulously designed. I mean it took them 4 damn years, so it better be. They gave us tons of concept art, from sweeping vistas to individual character designs. Cities, deserted roads, monsters, rusted cars, and post apocalyptic towns, every single piece was astonishing.

The game starts in the pre-bomb world and pre-neuk Boston (Yes, Boston was confirmed) look marvelous. You can create you character and its as simple as “Select and Sculpt”. From the nose, hair lips, cheeks, eyes, EVERYTHING is customization. And guess what, YOU CAN PLAY AS A FEMALE CHARACTER! i almost fainted dead away when Todd said that. Codsworth’s fancy self is of course present around the home and NUKA COLA is in the fridge. After nuclear detonation, you scrap back to the surface two hundred (yes, 200) years later. You run into Codsworth, still bumbling around. Conversation is dynamic, not locked in to a specific playing style. You can wander off and pretty son you find a dog. And the dog FETCHES!

The PipBoy returns (of course) and it features games, tunes, your stats and items. Now, The PipBoy is soo fucking awesome, THEY MADE A REAL ONE. And we can have one of our own by simply purchasing the Collector’s edition. The didn’t give up a price but you will be able to use a companion app on on your phone which will fit in the PipBoy. They of course showed us it using an iPhone but did say that the companion app will be available on Apple and Android.

Now, as if Fallout 4 info and real life PipBoy wasn’t enough, they are giving us a mobile game that isn’t a second screen experience. Fallout Shelter, where you create your own vault and become a vault overseer. And that’s just fucking awesome. From building the shelter, managing resources, overseeing the inhabitants, and protecting it from raiders, you get the full experience. There are multiple rooms with unique purposes and your residents can even get it on a make a baby (aww yes). This game is now available to download in the app store and unfortunately its only available to Apple users (sorry Android). This game looks beyond fun and will tide us over until Fallout 4 is in our hands.

Fallout 4 is going to give us customization map crafting. You can basically scrap materials and build anything. Complete shelters and towns, generators, signs, bars, the sky is the limit. Build your settlement and THEY WILL COME. Don’t forget to build up those defenses because you will be attacked by Raiders. And the while building settlements, completely optional. This unique crafting system applies to the guns too. Craft things with thousands of items you can interact with . 50 base weapons and 700 modifications from items you craft from everyday items you encounter.

Now, I’ll give you the full rundown in my Fallout 4 E3 review of the crafting, combat, and everything else Fallout. But I will tell out this… November 10, 2015. Mark it down people, FALLOUT 4 is out on 11/10/15. and time can’t go by fast enough!

*Takes a deep breath* OK. THAT wraps up the FIRST EVER BETHESDA SHOWCASE. Check out WGL for continued E3 coverage, complete game revel post and ALL your E3 coverage! Thank for reading and….




Watch the full showcase here:



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