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FLAME ON!!!: Killer Instinct Cinder Stream

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In all the excitement over Mortal Kombat X, don’t think that we forgot about Killer Instinct. Iron Galaxy just released the most asked about fighter since Killer Instinct first released at launch with the Xbox One. That’s right, Cinder is finally here and there aren’t enough flame emoji to express how awesome he is.


Tonight I’ll be streaming some Cinder Gameplay around 7p est. Make sure you follow @WeGotLeagues & me @NinjaDuce on Twitter and Twitch. Just to get you ready here’s Cinder’s Launch Trailer.

Also for those who already have Cinder, here’s a good beginner’s guide made by TrueUnderdawgGaming on YouTube


So join WGL Fight Club for the Killer Instinct Cinder Stream!


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