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MLB The Show

MLB The Show 15 : Gameplay Enhancements

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SCEA’s MLB The Show is the game that keeps on giving. The most consistent sports game ever made has stepped it up a notch this year by providing its fans with live streaming of upcoming features and even giving an inside look as to how the game is made and tested.


The first session is a pretty lengthy 50 minute video speaking mainly about new gameplay features that The Show is working on for the upcoming iteration and my initial reaction is wow! So many things that I have been longing to be changed/improved for years have been addressed. One thing that makes this the most consistent sports franchise ever in my opinion is the fact that it truly seems like SCEA not only loves video games, but they love baseball. It seems as if the team really tries to blend video games and realism as close as possible and that is evident in this first stream session.


Gameplay features mentioned in the video I am most excited for:


  • Advanced route-running
  • Cut-off Option
  • Dynamic/Situational Speeds


Advanced Route-running


Outfielders taking dynamic routes to the ball with change the game in more ways than one, not only will it allow for more animations (which they mentioned many have been added for this years game including slides and tagging), but it also allows for more hit variety that gamers have been asking for for a long time. Bloopers on the end of the bat may drop in more often due to the AI defenders not taking straight line routes every time. And shots to the gap may result in an extra base that will mimic real life just that much more. On the opposite end of the spectrum, elite defenders will be able to take proper angles and be able to cut-off the rolling ball to the wall and fire the ball in to get the advancing runner.


Cut-off Option


So many times when playing past versions of MLB The Show a runner would be on second and my opponent would hit a solid base hit in front of my left fielder, I would run in, field the ball holding “X” to attempt to get the runner out only to wish I could cut-off the throw to prevent the batter from taking second base. Something so small of a feature really can change the dynamic of the game and being able to prevent that next runner from getting to scoring position is the difference between a one-run inning and a five-run inning.


Dynamic/Situational Speeds


MLB The Show will also premier dynamic and situational speed this year with base runners and fielders. In the past, after a batter hit the ball, he would immediately book it down the line and sprint as hard as he could to first base each and every single time, but anybody that has watched even one professional baseball game can notice that that definitely is not the case. Often times you will see players jog down the line when they know they are most likely to be thrown out, choosing to save their energy and possible health as opposed to to sprinting 90 feet down the line. On defense, players now watch the play develop before covering their respective bases, whereas before as soon as the ball was hit, defenders would spring to their respective base and then watch the play from there.


Those are just a few new gameplay features premiered in the video all while experiencing the always beautiful graphics The Show provides for us year in and year out.


Give the video a watch and let us know of your favorite new gameplay features.


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